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We believe that maximizing the use of energy sources distributed throughout the community, including residential PV systems, will contribute to realize a sustainable society.


Share Denki is a service that allows you to install and use a PV system with no initial cost. There is no expensive initial investment and reasonable service charge which is cheaper than the utility’s cost.

After 15 years, the PV system will be transferred to you free of charge. The manufacturer’s warranty is still available. There is no charge for maintenance by the household prior to the transfer. We, the owner, will maintain the system.

After the 15th year, you can sell the surplus energy. Even in the event of a power outage, electricity can be used as an emergency power source up to 1,500W during the PV system is generating electricity.

“ShareDenki for Biz” is a service that allows business owners to install and use solar PV systems with no initial cost and save on electricity bills for their owned facilities such as offices, stores, factories, and warehouses.

Similar to the residential version of “ShareDenki,” this service provides business owners with the advantage of zero initial costs, no monthly fixed fees, and free maintenance expenses.

One key difference from the residential version is that the contract duration can be customized flexibly based on the needs of each business owner.

エネルギーリソース導入事業Energy Resources Providing Service

Providing various energy resources for the purpose of storing and utilizing energy by Share Denki. We are expanding energy storage batteries to store Shared Denki’s energy, and V2H that works with EVs. Proposing the best option to ensure safety in case of emergency.

エネルギーマネジメントサービスの実証Energy management service

VPP demonstration using energy resources

Planning and developing a variety of services for households (prosumers) that have PV systems. One example is the VPP demonstration project using household storage batteries.(Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, “DER Agri Demonstration”, 2022) Sharing Energy promotes the demonstration of an aggregation business that utilizes household energy resources of “Share-Denki” + storage batteries.


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